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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I remove myself as a free member?

If you would like to stop our free service you can do this by simply logging into your Twitter account, clicking onto your "Application Settings" and revoking our access.

Will you make any changes or updates to my account?

If you are using our service as a free member the only change other than following/followers that will happen to your account is a single tweet posted on login. We will not post any further updates after signin and will never send direct messages from/to your account. If you are using the site as a premium member the only change that will happen to your account is an increase in followers.

How many followers can I gain with a premium account?

On average as a premium member you can gain anything between 100-1,000 followers per day. That works out to be around $0.0002 per follower if you are paying for 24 hours.

Is there any chance of my account being suspended?

No, there is no chance your account will be harmed by using either our free or premium services.

What happens when my premium account passed it's limit?

As your premium account is coming to an end we will send an automated email to you with further instructions so there is no need for you to keep track of dates.

I signed up but have not started receiving followers yet?

If you find yourself not gaining followers soon after registering for premium then there may be a problem with your details. For example, you may have entered a wrong Twitter username in which case please email us and we will modify your account and restart it.

I don't want use service anymore - How to remove my account ?

You can remove your account anytime. BUT, after remove out service - you will CAN NOT use our service again. Click Here To REMOVE !

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